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Мирзакулов Довронбек Оматжонович
Младший научный сотрудник АИ АН РУз
Научный отдел: Отдел внегалактической астрономии
Образование: Андижанский государственный университет, 2009, Қаттиқ жисм физикаси
Год рождения: 1985
//Physical Sciences and Technology, Vol 4 No 1 (2017), 15-19
«SN2017ein: bolometric light curve and physical parameters»
P.S. Tadjimuratov, D. Mirzakulov
(Абстракт ...) Apparent stellar magnitudes observed at Maidanak observatory for SN2017ein – peculiarly faint core-collapse supernova rumored to have images of progenitor – are processed to get exact photometric data. Technique of photometry is described and the data itself is presented. Based on photometric data of B and R bands we used the regressional equation proposed by Lyman and Bersier to reconstruct the quasi-bolometric light curve. Reconstructed light curve has a peak luminosity of ∼ 3.3 ⋅ 10^41 erg/s which is almost an order of magnitude lower than typical values for such supernovae. Further, we used reconstructed bolometric values to estimate physical parameters using simple one-component models for photospheric and nebular phases. Fitting the models to reconstructed quasi-bolometric light curve allows us to estimate physical parameters. Such estimation yields 0.037M⊙ for nickel-56 mass, 1.246M⊙ for ejected mass and 1.641 · 10^51 erg for final kinetic energy of ejecta. Ejecta mass looks very small for proposed progenitor candidate, but some explanations for such discrepancy are already proposed.
//Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2018
«AGILE, Swift, and GASP/WEBT multi-wavelength observations of the high-redshift blazar 4C + 71.07 in outburst»
S. Vercellone, P. Romano, G. Piano, V. Vittorini, I. Donnarumma, ..., D.O. Mirzaqulov et al
//eprint arXiv: 1803.07529, 2018
«The Bright $\gamma$-ray Flare of 3C 279 in June 2015: AGILE Detection and Multifrequency Follow-up Observations»
Pittori C., Lucarelli F., …..Mirzaqulov D. O. et al
//Физика ва астрономия фани ва таълими муаммолари, Самарканд:СамДУ, с.41, 2018
«Сверхновая звезда SN2017ein в галактике NGC 3938»
Мирзакулов Д., Эгамбердиев Ш.А., Эгамова Д., Жураев Б.
«AGILE, Swift, and GASP/WEBT multi-wavelength observations of the high-redshift blazar 4C+71.07 in outburst»
S. Vercellone, P. Romano, G. Piano, ..., D. O. Mirzaqulov et al
//Nature. Published online: 04 December 2017. doi:10.1038/Nature24623 (ВА-ФА-Ф2-006 )
«Blazar spectral variability as explained by a twisted inhomogeneous jet»
C.M.Raiteri, M.Villata, ..., Sh.A.Ehgamberdiev, D.O.Mirzaqulov, et al
Астрономический институт имени Улугбека,